Sobie Company was originally founded in the 1930’s by Harold Sobie and acquired by Jake Austhof in 1965. The company has remained in the Austhof family for 50 years when it was acquired by Tony Vermaas in January 2016 with Jack Austhof remaining as Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Our specialties include metal stud framing and drywall, acoustical wall and ceiling assemblies, flooring, spray on fire proofing, etc. In our 50+ years of continuous service, we have always stressed quality and customer satisfaction as our two premier building blocks which has held the key to our long standing foundation and success. There is no other Interior Finishing contractor in operation that can match our quality, our work ethic, our commitment to our clients and our creativity in successful managing projects to achieve the best outcome for all invested parties.

Our Mission

To provide an unmatched excellence, quality craftsmanship and true partnership that is unmatched in the construction industry.

It is very rare that I get an opportunity to praise a team that I have had the pleasure of working with, so believe me when I say what a great group of guys you have assembled to work on my project....without a doubt, with the guys you have, I will be turning over a project exactly on time, even with added scope, and I will be turning it over to the owner without a single blemish...I could not do this without your team.
— Mike Denslow, Project Superintendent, Rockford Construction

trades that we perform

  • 09211-6 Drywall and Metal Framing
  • 09230-0 Plaster & Stucco
  • 09510-0 Acoustical Ceilings
  • 09300-0 Tile
  • 09510-0 Acoustical Ceilings
  • 09640-0 Wood Flooring
  • 09650-0 Resilient Flooring (Vinyl)


  • 09660-0 Terrazzo
  • 09670-0 Fluid Applied Flooring
  • 09680-0 Carpet
  • 09690-0 Access Flooring
  • 09720-0 Wall Covering
  • 09840-0 Acoustical Wall Treatment